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"As a clinician in private practice, I have referred clients, dealing with anxiety, to Kim many times. She has beautifully woven her understanding of mental health and wellness with her passion for yoga and mindfulness, tailoring specific yoga/mindfulness practices to her clients needs. Every professional collaboration I have with Kim is a positive and easy going experience and I always feel my clients are in the right hands when I make a referral."   

                                                                                                                                                           L. Scott Urmey, LCSW, TEP

"Spending time with Kim at Jaya Yoga is a very special and wonderful experience!  Kim’s extensive knowledge of yoga and meditation and her compassion come together to create a true space for healing and renewal.  I always leave her workshop with another great tool for creating peace and balance in my life."  

                                                                                                                                                                    Patricia Hannah 

"Practicing yoga with Kim has changed my life. Last year I had spinal fusion surgery, and after seeing several pain management doctors, couldn’t find much relief. I'd never tried yoga, and wasn’t very flexible when I started working with Kim. Kim is patient and kind and showed me how to be more conscious, present and relaxed.  I'm mostly pain-free.  Kim has helped me create a practice that consciously coordinates yoga, breathing and meditation to help me move through life with less stress. Kim taught me how to breathe again."                                                              David D.

"I have been Kim Bradle’s student since June 2017.  I am an older student whose original hope was that yoga would help me improve my body strength. Because Kim creates an atmosphere that reflects a belief in honoring the whole person, I continue to discover that yoga is a system of connecting the mind with the body towards the goals of replenishment and self-respect. Happily, with Kim’s skill and encouragement, I have improved my balance and muscle strength as well as my meditation practices.  It is with pleasure that I share my experiences working with Kim in this testimonial."

                                                                                                                                                                  Kathleen Brennan, Ed.S.

"I've attended several classes/workshops with Kim. Every experience has helped me grow personally and professionally. The skills I’ve learned through meditation and yoga practice have aided my own self-care, and easily translate into sessions with my clients. Kim is knowledgeable, passionate, and a joy to learn alongside. Through Kim, I’ve not just gained new skills for myself and my clients, but a connection with a beautiful community of individuals full of compassion and inspiration!"

Sara Butler, LCSW



"My time with Kim was unlike anything I've ever experienced before.  I learned effective ways to deal with stress and relax.  She was a great teacher and a calming presence.  I will definitely use everything I learned to help me in the future."

D. H.  (girls' meditation series)

"I always thought meditation would be boring, but Kim helped me see that it's actually really fun.  Afterwards you feel refreshed and happy.  The time will slip by and leave you wanting more." 

J. D. (girls' meditation series)