kim bradle, ryt       jaya yoga llc

kim bradle, ryt    jaya yoga llc

  Nurture the Self      Honor Connections

Individual Sessions

A personalized yoga practice is created that fits your needs and goals, your lifestyle, your body and your personality. The beauty of Yoga is it's adaptability and the beauty of You is your uniqueness!  Create a practice that is uplifting and empowering and embraces all of You!  You will incorporate any combination of postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation, meditation, self-study, and yoga philosophy. The possibilities are endless!

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga is available to couples, siblings, parent/child, friends.  Partner yoga is a fun, supportive way to practice  breathing, stretching and meditation.  You will learn how to be fully present with one another in the context of mindfulness and loving kindness and experience relating and connection in a new way.

Family/Small Group

Families and small groups benefit from the fun and the meaningful connections that are created when practicing together.  Depending on the age range and the group, games and other activities are included in the sessions.

Reiki Sessions

Individual Reiki sessions available. 

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, non-manipulative transfer of energy that occurs with the Reiki practitioner's hands lightly placed on or near the body.  Reiki promotes a holistic balance of mind, body and spirit, so it is a beautiful complement to Yoga. 

Classes and Workshops available off-site

Gift Certificates available