A Path to Living Well

The Journey to Connection

Meet Kim Bradle

Thank you for being here!  I'm Kim, the creator and owner of Jaya Yoga.  Jaya Yoga is a container for many expressions; where I collaborate and co-create with professionals, individuals, couples, families and groups who are seeking ways to connect more deeply, and with reverence, to the whole self, to each other, to community and to earth.


The practices and teachings of Yoga have been an integral part of my healing, growth, opening and connection to all that life offers.  Yoga is an ancient, indigenous art and science; I am forever a student and I love to share what I have learned.  I am skilled at creating individualized practices that support and nourish your body, mind and spirit.  Practices that are unique to your needs and lifestyle, that are accessible and easy to implement into your daily life and are ultimately empowering. 


I extend gratitude to the ancient, indigenous teachings that guide us to a state of wholeness and remind us that everything is connected.   When we are able to connect more fully with our Selves, we can connect in a meaningful way to all things.  We are here to take care of each other.    We are able to choose mindfulness, compassion, embodied awareness and meaningful connection, over and over again, in every interaction we have with ourselves, with each other and with the natural world.  ​




Honor & Connect with Your Whole Self, with Others and with Nature 

Radiate Your Magnificence